Agnieszka Tye

The new one

They may refer to me as the ‘New One’ but let me tell you I certainly feel like the ‘Old One’ in a for a very different reason…

I have always been an active child and took part in anything from team sports through to athletics and running events. But the real journey started at 12 years old when I discovered ballroom dancing. Fell in love with at first sight and as it turned out I had a knack for it! Unfortunately, what a lot of people only get to see are the shiny sequins, pretty dresses and the glamour of it all, but let me tell you it is bloody hard work behind the scenes. Hours of training in high heels, powering through pain and blood just to perfect that move…And if not done so with the wrong technique and trained by a person who does not believe in stretching, it certainly makes things harder!

And this is where my ‘broken body’ story begins. The lack of correct professional training, strength building and regular stretching to support the movement have started to take its toll on my body.

First were the knees, then my back and next thing I knew I needed a weekly chiropractor treatment just to keep the migraines at bay.

And this is why I am the ‘Old One’ out of the group!

I have the stamina and skill but my body just does not cope well with too much too soon and needs a lot more love than any other human being….even my very old husband!

So for my own personal reasons, I want to prove to myself I can do it, against all the obstacles my body throws at me, I want to show it the middle finger and be able to say ‘Told you so!’


When I met Ben and heard the experience that Dan and Claire have been through, it has certainly filled me with true horror. As many people would, I could not imagine how they have both managed to survive such tragedy in their life and still had the strength to turn the heartbreak into this remarkable charity tradition in support of others who have gone through similar events. Their commitment and dedication to help others continues to amaze me and am honoured to be part of their life.

After a few years of carrying Ben’s bags, massaging feet and delivering food to various events I decided I want to join in and contribute. Those noble thoughts were BEFORE they decided to run the length of the Grand Union Canal over 5 days!

Unfortunately, no matter how horrid and ridiculous the idea is, my pride and want to help has won and here I am running ridiculous amounts of miles in preparation for THE run hoping my body won’t totally let me down!