145 Miles of hell 

Day 1 – 46.68Km (29.01 miles)

Our first day starts at the Gas Street Basin in the heart of Birmingham’s canal network, from here we make our way around Birmingham University and out towards Solihull. We then run parallel with the M40 before making our turn towards our final destination Royal Leamington Spa.

Day 2 – 47.6Km (29.58 miles)

After leaving the picturesque sights of Royal Leamington Spa we make our way across the Country towards Braunston, anyone who’s been up and down the canal will have seen concrete markers for Braunston at some point or another. This is where the Grand Union Canal and the Oxford Canal meet, it’s the busiest place on the British canal network.


After Braunston comes Daventry county park, turning at the M1 down to Hatton Flight (21 locks) and finally coming to a stop in Bugbrooke.

Day 3 – 46.48km (28.89 miles)

We’re heading south through Stoke Bruerne, skimming the lakes in Milton Keynes and turning towards Leighton Buzzard where we will come to a stop at the 3 Locks Pub. It’s going to be hard to turn down a pint there!

Day 4 – 47.83Km (29.73 miles)

The worst day of the event for two reasons, one it’s our longest run and two we’re going to be finishing in Watford! Dan and Ben are Luton fans, this is literally the last place on earth they want to be!


All that said the run itself is quite picturesque prior to arriving in the slums of Watford. From Leighton Buzzard we travel through Tring and Berkhamstead.

Day 5 – 45.52km (28.28 miles)

This is it, the big finish!


After leaving the slums we’re going to be treated to some very nice scenery as we run through Stocker’s Lake Nature Reserve and Denham Country Park, we then make our turn running parallel with the M4 towards London skirting Wembley and finishing in Little Venice (Near Paddington Station)