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Deli Kitchen

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Reinventing Flatbreads

Deli Kitchen is a family run business that has always looked to innovate mealtimes and to make bread more exciting. From humble beginnings in London where they began making pitta and naan breads, the family were the first to introduce Tortilla wraps to the UK and were first to market with folded flatbreads.

Here at Deli Kitchen our mission is to Innovate Mealtimes. We start each day with a “What if?” and end with our customer (that’s you!). We asked what if sandwiches could be tastier, healthier, less boring? We asked what if sandwiches could be, well, less bready?! Then we put our inventive, curious and slightly eccentric heads together and came up with a range of tasty, healthy and easy to use flatbreads. Flatbreads with a twist.

The Italian Coffee Club

Quality coffee and first-class service

The Italian Coffee Club was established with only one goal in mind: to bring you quality coffee and a first-class service at outstanding value. 

“Everything in life starts with a dream, this started with our dream, our vision and our passion for coffee. That authentic, unmistakable Italian coffee taste that is loved by so many around the world. 

We have created The Italian Coffee Club to share our dream, our value and our passion, to create a unique coffee experience and not just another coffee brand.

We pay a premium over coffee prices to bring you exceptional quality coffee beans. Our importing partners travel around the world to Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Brazil, Guatemala, India, Colombia, Kenya & Mexico, to build relationships with coffee farmers so we can source the best quality coffee beans available.

You have our word, but the coffee speaks for itself. “